EhGO Games Submission Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in submitting to Chimera, the CoDependent Gaming Magazine. Chimera is aimed at the general hobby games audience, at 16 years of age and older.

There is no payment for contributions. This is a major issue for some, especially established artists. Instead, you retain copyright. You grant Chimera Magazine permission to publish on the web. You may request we remove your article at any time without explanation (though an explanation would be nice).

The contributor (you) retains first North American publishing rights. Also, please do not send us submissions without a release form.

We have some semi-regular columns for which we welcome contributions. These include:

  1. The Grumpy Old Gamer: The Old Gamer complains about how easy gamers have it today while offering some kernels of wisdom.
  2. The Cheap Bastard: Tips on how to keep down expenses while maximizing purchases and gaming fun.
  3. Reviews: You have to have played the game at least twice and have taken notes while playing. Specific comments are required, as well as possible fixes where necessary. You'll have even better chances of being accepted if two somewhat similar games are compared.
  4. Hacking the System: to help both GM's and players or for games where having that bit of important info makes the difference, this column discusses possible flaws in rules and how to exploit or fix them.
  5. Cartoons and game related artwork are always welcome. We would like to discover the next Elmore, Parkinson, Bradstreet, and the like. Send us a small sample (less than 500K). If we accept it, we will request a larger size file, if available. Please send artwork in .gif or .jpeg/.jpg format.
  6. Query letters are welcome. If you are interested in submitting, or know someone who is, let us know. If you want to contribute an original article, we will gladly look at it. Send a summary of your proposed article, along with a release form.

We prefer written contributions in electronic format. These must be in plain text (.txt). Please do not send formatted material; this means no Word, HTML, .rtf, etc. Just plain text. We cannot look at any submission without a signed release form, so, please fill one out. (Scanned signatures are OK.)

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us at

Again, thanks for your interest.

Robert Posada, Publisher
Chimera Magazine