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April 12, 2010: I-CON 29 Report

Kristal Zoombie gets a choice of an injection or death from the medical guy.

Kristal Zoombie gets a choice of injection or destruction from the medical guy.

At long last, our report on I-CON's triumphant return home is up in full. Zoombies and science and cosplay, oh my!

October 4, 2009: I-CON returns to Stony Brook

In 2010, I-CON will return to its original home, Stony Brook University, after being held at Suffolk County Community College in 2009. We welcome the return to its home, especially since at Stony Brook you can walk to all the events. This was a major issue for us in 2009 since the three sites were so far apart, we had to drive or take the Icon bus to go to the next event, often missing the first minutes. Read their press release on Facebook.

Even better, from October 4-15, 2009, I-CON is running a special, online-only discount: 3-day pre-registration is $45 for adults and $35 for Students. Please visit the Icon website http://www.iconsf.org. to buy on line.


March 16: Dead Link Collection

There's been a surprising amount of industry turnover since we started doing our big convention reports long ago. As a result, many of the game company sites we've linked to over the years are either dead or (worse) owned by domain squatters. We don't want to discard potentially-valuable historical information, but we don't want to send our loyal visitors to untrustworthy sites either.

The solution we've formulated is to deactivate our dead links (so web crawlers like Google won't think we're engaging in nefarious schemes) but to mark them in red type like this so you know where the link used to be. If you hover your cursor over the link and leave it there a little bit after the underline shows, you should get a pop-up "tool tip" to tell you the original URL, should you be inclined to check it for yourself.

March 7, 2008: Gary Gygax

Signing RPG books at Gen Con 2000

Gary and Robert at Gen Con 2001

At the Troll Lord booth for Gen Con 2002

Gary Gygax died on Tuesday. He was 69 years old. As the co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, he greatly influenced my life, and my gaming hobby in particular.

Gary cast a spell on the world with D&D; here was a new way of playing games, competitive but without making your fellow players into losers. Instead, imaginary monsters and evil creatures would fill that role. Roleplaying games were born of Gary's and Dave Arneson's minds.

I met Gary a couple of times at Gen Con. Most of us who played D&D were in awe of him, even if we never were of the big movie stars. To us, he was THE celebrity. Chimera was lucky enough to get pictures of him on a couple of occasions, as seen here.

My fondest memory of Gary was in Chimera Magazine's early days. I got an email saying he had seen our magazine and he'd keep his eye on it. It was signed Gary Gygax. I thought it was a joke from a fellow gamer but it was real. It gave me a boost knowing that the gaming personality I admired the most had actually heard of Chimera and would continue to read it.

Gary, you are missed. You changed our lives.

-- Robert

February 19: Convention Section Cleanup

Literally years in the making, our game convention reports section overhaul is finally complete!

This last component of the Chimera site modernization rescued photo reports dating back to the turn of the century, encasing them in brand-new 100% pure standards-compliant HTML. All internal links have been double-checked, all photos load properly, and navigation systems have been completely redesigned from the ground up.

All you old-timers who've been with us since the beginning, this is the excuse you've been looking for to take a trip down memory lane. And for the newcomers, it's a one-of-a-kind opportunity to peek into the game industry's recent history. Check it out -->


September 19: Real world spy takes down online clan.

Turncoat staff member booted all peons and members from the KSI Krime Syn Halo group.

September 15: Convention Links Update

Our page of convention links, now entering its second decade, has been scanned for linkrot and re-posted.

September 11: Features Modernization

It's taken a while, but our exclusives (including a famous ancient game design text and Cyberpunk sneak preview) have been cleaned up for the modern Web reader.

August 15: Origins Report

"It's a great huge game of chess that's being played -- all over the world," said Alice, in Through the Looking Glass.

After many, many years, Robert returns to the Origins game convention, where players from all over the world converge on GAMA's Mecca of Gaming.


January 25: New Site Launch!

At long last, we're happy to present the new Chimera Magazine for your browsing pleasure. The overhaul and rebuild is composed of several parts, some still in progress:

A behind-the-scenes modernization
Chimera's layout was pretty good in 1996, but is showing its age a decade later -- after all, that's several generations of Internet Time. We've completely rebuilt the page templates using W3C-compliant HTML with 100% Cascading Style Sheets for presentation control, which should make edits and site management a lot easier.
An organizational overhaul
Over the years, the site's content grew into a sprawling, inconsistent directory structure. We've laid the groundwork for a more compact and predictable file layout; once we've migrated all the old content into it, that should fix the persistent problems we've had with broken internal navigation.
The Lost Files
While engaging in the above two activities, we've discovered some articles that inadventently got "orphaned" years ago. When their last incoming link was deleted, they just dropped off the net, invisible except to those few who had previously bookmarked the page. Well, they're back now, hopefully for good. We'll add more "lost files" if we discover archival material that was never online in the first place.

We hope you enjoy the new look, and that you'll come back occasionally to see what's been updated, especially in the convention report area.


July 18: PolyCon Report

Ending several years hiatus, Chimera returns to everyone's favorite mid-year mid-California college-campus game convention! Join our intrepid reporter as he chronicles his solo trip up the Pacific coast.


CampCon 2003 Report Posted

See our photo report on CampCon 2003: Into the Woods.

Origins 2003

Our report on the first of the big summer cons is now available.

June 2003

We are back now. We have plans and scenarios for the magazine. Please keep checking in.

Thank you for reading Chimera Magazine.
Robert Posada

24 April 2003

Chimera has been in hiatus since shortly after Gen Con 2002. A sense of gloom enveloped us when we understood that Gen Con will not take place in Milwaukee anymore. This was our favorite working vacation and we will miss it.

This sense was aggravated by the death of Carol and, a month later, her husband David. They were central figures in the game convention scene here in Southern California. Their deaths also lead to the cancellation of Games University, one of our favorite local conventions.

Carol Turietta

The home page is dark in memory of Carol Anne Hendrick Turrietta and David Turrietta, who died within a month of each other. Carol and Dave could always be seen at the Los Angeles game conventions running the All Star Games crew. People who attend Origins and Gen Con, as well as other major game conventions in the USA have probably met them. We will miss them.


Gen Con Teaser

September: More Gen Con reports

Read Neal's and Tatyanna's Gen Con 2002 convention reports.

August: Gen Con 2002

This was the last year Gen Con took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Our photo report is up now. See more of the lovely Sarah inside.

Games University 2002

Report available now. Games U, a game convention with emphasis on teaching games more than competition, takes place in Orange County, California.

Chainmail Bikini

A look back at Polycon 2001: A Space Odyssey

Since Polycon 2002 is coming up, we figured it was about time to show our photo report of last year's show. See what you missed!

Icon 2002

The Icon 2002 pictures are up. Report is on its way.

OrcCon 2002

Our photo report of the President's Day convention in Los Angeles.


Gen Con Thoughts

The ramblings, thoughts, and hazy recollections of three Chimera Magazine reporters are now available.

Exclusive Cyberpunk 3 preview

One of the cool things about Gen Con is getting the chance to play new games that will be released soon. Neal Sofge gives you the scoop on Cyberpunk v3.0, from R. Talsorian Games.

Gen Con 2001 report

As usual, we made our annual pilgrimage to the Mecca of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Please take a look at our Gen Con report.

Comic Con 2001

Our mini-report on the San Diego Comic Con.

Ten Wings

Ten Wings, more popularly known as "The Ten Points," is an ancient classic of game design. We were able to get the rare 1957 translation from W.E.C. Meadows at Oxford.

20th Century

We went to Gen Con 2000

Once again, we went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA for our annual pilgrimage to MECCA. (Well, MECCA is the old name; it's now the Midwest Express Convention Center, but we'll call it MECCA for the three years Gen Con will remain in Milwaukee.) The big news this time around is the release of the Third Edition (3e) of Dungeons and Dragons. We'll bring back a report or, technology permitting, an onsite report! We also bring you pictures of the great convention costumes, exhibitors, parties, and, of course, the Safehouse. Check out our report.

Domain Premiere

We are now on our own domain, at last. We hope you find this address easier to remember than the old long one with all the dashes and tildes. We are also in the process of redesigning the site. It has grown a lot, and the old navigation links have become insufficient.