Baltimore Comic Con 2011

Reported by Robert Posada

Comic Con in Charm City


This is our first time at Baltimore Comic Con. We saw an ad on TV and decided to go since it is close to Chimera Magazine headquarters. After my recent experience in San Diego, I was expecting long lines and the like.


All kinds of lines

Arrival 10:10am. A little late. There is a big line outside the convention center and some confusion about yellow wristbands. We find out we exchange our pre-printed passes for these wristbands and thus enter the show. In addition, there is a line, not very long, for those who decided to get badges at the show. So far, it looks good.

Souvenir guide

We now have the souvenir program, but we are heading in straight to the dealer's room. There are plenty of folks in costume and lots of discounted comics.

Costume Photos - Star Wars

Evil empire troopers

All kinds of evil empire troopers have gotten their hands on this poor guy. There is even a TIE-Fighter guy in there.

Empire forces

Kristal with the forces of the Empire. Is she deceiving, on a deep cover mission, or has she switched sides? Only time will tell.

Darth Vader

The dark lord of the Sith watches from on high, his power unchallenged.

Costume Photos - Superheroes and Superheroines

Batman and friends

A band of characters from Batman, both heroes and villains lined up for this shot. The little Two Face was awesome.

Nightwing and Psyloche

Nightwing and Psylocke, and unlikely pairing, both looking grim.

Storm and Silk Spectre

Storm (X-men) and Silk Spectre (Watchmen). While they are from different companies and groups, they look very good together.


Like the X-men's Phoenix, I feel a rebirth for my enthusiasm for comic conventions. I am enjoying this show immensely.

Nick Fury and Galactus

While they are the top of their fields, it is very unlikely we will see the pairing of Nick Fury and Galactus any time soon.