Baltimore Comic Con 2011

Reported by Robert Posada

Costumes - Anime, Cartoon, Manga, and others

Men of Color?

I am just terrible at this. All I can think of is the green guy of "It's always sunny in Philadelphia". Can a reader let me know?


While the five Mortal Kombat's Sub-zero clones in the back are fierce enough, I am more worried about the ladies in front.

Powerpuff Girls and Dad

Most know the story of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, the Powerpuff Girls, created by their "father" Professor Utonium. But, what if they grew up to be boys?

Anime girl

Those were all colorful teams. But there were some individuals, too. This one was colorful and anime-ish to me.


This samurai outfit had it all going for it: scary mask, black and red lacquered armor, katana and wakizashi.

Artists and creators

Terry Huddleston

Artist Terry Huddleston made a wall these Marvel and DC superhero pictures for the show. You can see his website at DeviantArt, at .

Ron Wilson's Battle Rappers

Ron Wilson, of Marvel Two in One fame, has a new project, Battle Rappers, with Keith Tong. It is coming in 2012. Check out the info at their Battle Rappers site. It is a battle of alien rappers vs earth rappers!

Bernie Wrightson

Legendary Bernie Wrigtson was busy as expected, so I did not get a chance to talk to him. I did get his picture and a shot of some of his artwork. If you have not seen his art, check what you are missing .

Ben, creator of Poop Office

Ben is the creator of Poop Office. Yes, only Ben. Read more Poop Office for free at their website .

Chris Wnuk: Secret Jew

I picked up Chris Wnuk: Secret Jew because it was such a quirky title. The creator, Ziggy Blumenthal, signed both issues. The comic is published by Fake McCoy and can also be seen as a webcomic at Chris Wnuk: Secret Jew .