Baltimore Comic Con 2011

Reported by Robert Posada

Cool stuff

Coconut Brothers Cosplay

Kristal loved the fascinator that Coconut was selling at her booth. We see a good future for costuming, especially in the steampunk realm. See more of Coconut at Coconut Jacobs Cosplay

Cory Eskridge Okouchi

Cory Eskridge Okouchi, star of Ninjas vs Zombies, which looks like the kind of movie we would love to make and watch. It is direct to DVD and available at Ninjas vs Zombies


"Karin", star of the web series, Supertwins, about fraternal superheroes. Natalie, who plays Karin, is also the writer. She is very excited about the project and hopes Chimera readers will check out the series.


One might wonder why is Rorshach, of The Watchmen here instead of the superhero section. To see that, you have to see this tiny video of the Rorschach mask He even had a card:

Never compromise

"Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon."

More convention fun

All kinds of characters

A mix of characters from various genres and movies.

White Assassin

The white clad assassin with white eyes was strangely appealing. Perhaps the promise of danger propelled the adrenaline to rush down the viewer's body.


This huge Incredible Hulk dominated the dealer's room.

Mary Marvel?

The young girl in front reminds me of the Mary Marvel of the Captain Marvel Family, though her outfit is like Black Adam's. The team in back seems different. Any sharp eyed reader out there?

Update of 29 December 2011: Wes Barthlow informs Chimera that "The photo of the team with the black Mary Marvel (see picture) Mary Marvel and Supers

So yes, that was the Dark Mary costume from a few years ago in the comic books and the Supers were from the Crisis on Two Earths DVD from last year. They are Captain Super, Superwoman (In this case Mary Marvel) and Capt Super Jr. We were at the Baltimore Con last year as the regular Marvels so we decided to go dark this year."

Evil Boy and Kristal

The mysterious Evil Boy and Kristal. Evil Boy is as deadly as he sounds. .

Doctor Doom

An imposing Doctor Doom. .

Character mix

Another mix of characters - from the Thor movie; Deadpool; and a blue elf(?). .

Walking MC and Neko

The walking MC had a cool selection of music from his iPod. He was protected by a fierce Neko. .

End of show


It is fitting that one of the Endless, Death, would come at the end of the report.

Street vendors

Naturally, street vendors are around the convention, selling discounted superhero material. These are blow up Spiderman figures in various sizes, as well as other toys.

End of the show

Baltimore Comic Con was a fun show. There were lots of comics at reasonable prices, plenty of artists and industry representatives, the costumed vs non-costumed ratio was high, and the admission price and lines were very reasonable. I definitely recommend it and we plan to return next year. .