Comic Con 2001: San Diego, CA

Reported by Robert Posada

View from our hotel

The view from our hotel is beautiful, as is just about everything about this convention.

View from Convention Center into Marina

The convention center looks into San Diego bay.

Jar Jar Jedi

Randy Wilde displays his masterpiece: a recombined Jar Jar Binks with a Jedi robe and Light Saber.

View from Hyatt

View from the Hyatt, a couple of blocks away. Gaming was held here in addition to the Convention Center.

Gene Luster

SD gaming veterans Eugene Luster and Agnes V Thompson run a Mage Knight battle.

Before I kill you, Mr Bond

Greg Pater, Kelly Nabours, and Josh Kaufman of the RPGA play, of course, "Before I kill you Mr Bond", a card game from Cheapass Games.

View of Marina from Convention Center into Marina

View of the marina from the convention center.

View of Marriott

Another shot of the back of the convention center with the Marriott in the background. Futuristic, no?

Gamer Physical exam

Eugene Luster is a meticulous DM. Before allowing Becke Shulman (pictured), to play her Elf, she must go through a thorough physical.

Miniatures winner

Winner of the miniatures painting contest. Painted by Tagda Drago.

The Game of Masks - the Living City Interactive


Quarion (played by Nicholas Chavez) tumbles as part of the admission test to the Living City's Bards Guild.

Jeffrey Harris

Jeffrey Harris, Viceroy of Southern California, comes prepared to sign up people to the Bards Guild.

Coronado Bridge

The view from the Ballroom where the Interactive was held. In the background is the Coronado Bridge.

Stephanie as Faerie

Stephanie Zuiderweg as the sylvan flitter.

Roman Senator

The Bards Guild Coordinator looking like a demonic Roman Senator.


Jeffrey Harris busy signing up more members into the Bards Guild.


A posed shot of the Viceroy of Southern California.


Phil Martinez heads out of our hotel for the last day of the con.


The last game of the convention before heading home. We had a great table for the Living Greyhawk game.


"Only in LC do you need a certificate for a parrot that uses 90% of the text telling you how not to abuse it. It's a fucking parrot."

-- In reference to my purchase of a cert for an Amazon bird from the Living City Animal Shelter.