Games University 2002, Orange County, CA

Photo report by Robert Posada

Image 01

Norm Harms of Scale Specialties has put together real-world WWII naval info on CD. Since it's in PDF format, it's essentially platform independent.

Image 02

Marcelo Figueroa, a Chimera Magazine regular, encourages the game industry members at the meeting to go out and teach games to young people. This is how he and his friends learned wargaming.

Image 03

Norm Carslon is the guiding light behind the game industry meeting at Games University.

Image 04

Yes, even Chimera publishers dress up and even get TW to tag along...

Image 05

It sucks to have an early game on Saturday morning. This poor soul waited two hours, but finally his team mates showed up.

Image 06

Chris Carlson running his gladiatorial d20 game using D&D rules.

Image 07

His game drew a full crowd as teams controlled by each player competed for money and glory.

Image 08

The first words this young lady said to me were "I hate you"... ;)

Image 09

Eric and Nick playing Living Greyhawk.

Image 11

Phil and Lawrence pose for their hero shots in the Living Force game, a Star Wars Living Campaign from the RPGA

Image 10

It's good to be the RPG coordinator...