Gen Con 2000: Cthulhu Rally

Reported by Robert Posada

Friday 11 August 2000: Somewhere in Milwaukee

In the USA, this is an election year. The major candidates, Twiddledee and Twiddledum, are both oil megacorp stooges. So, we went to the rally of a really Green candidate!

Of course, if you are one of those "humans rule" people, perhaps you'd like to see that other Green Party. If not, photos of the Great Old Party start below!


Rally 1

The rally to elect the candidate for the Great Old Party started out smoothly.

Hecklers Move In

Rally 1

Soon, trouble begins, as rogue representatives choose He Who Must Not Be Named as their candidate.

Party Efficiency

Hecklers sacrificed

The trouble makers are soon put in their place, as "some sacrifices are made"...

Cthulhu Appears!


Soon, the Great Old One himself makes an appearance, much to the horror of the gathering...

Cthulhu Dines!


As the USA Presidential nominee for the Great Old Party makes the rounds, he snacks here and there, spitting out the undigestible, non-soul parts...

Failed Sanity Check


Even I see the way, after my mind melts...

Tatyanna Converts

Tatyanna Cthulhu

Tatyanna becomes converted to a greater cause, in more ways than one.

Soon, the call to the sea will be irresistible.