Gen Con 2000: Living City

Reported by Robert Posada

Thursday 10 August 2000: At the Hyatt sports bar

I am waiting for my Bards Guild Viceroyals. Hopefully we'll discuss how to spice up the RPGA LARP (a.k.a. Living City Interactive). As expected, none of the Viceroyals show up. They are probably tied up at games that ran late or are trying to get a bite to eat before the Interactive.

Unexpectedly, Dave Wolin (a Chimera contributor) and his beautiful wife Alison do show up. They have the new Third Edition (3e) Players Handbook for Dungeons and Dragons. The centerpiece of Gen Con 2000 is the eagerly awaited premiere of this manual. The three of us also happen to be playtesters for the game, and promptly find our names in the credits page near the end with our names in the credits (p286, 7-9 lines from the bottom).

First Impression 3e D&D

Here's Dave and Alison's first impression of the hot-off-the-press book.

Paid endorsement 3e D&D

Of course, there's the obligatory, paid endorsement.

Thursday 10 August 2000: The Living City Interactive

Some readers know that I'm involved in the LARP department of the RPGA. What is the RPGA? It's TSR's, er, pardon me, Wizards of the Coast's (now Hasbro) game club. It's mainly targetted at fans of Dungeons and Dragons, though they play other games from time to time. The Living City is their ongoing campaign. I am in charge of the Bards Guild for that campaign. So I get to run the most fun part of their LARPs, called "Interactives".

Me at the Bards Guild

I only got this one picture, but there are a bunch more at the fan site, including some of Elminster himself! (played by Forgotten Realms creator, Ed Greenwood)