Gen Con 2000: WotC Party

Reported by Robert Posada

Friday 11 August 2000: Wizards of the Coast Party

We were invited to a party at the Wizards of the Coast suite, up in the Presidential Suite of the Hilton. As you know, this is the same hotel where we are staying. The Presidential Suite is just much larger and cooler. How could we say no?

Tatyanna and Brooks

Tatyanna and Brooks on Presidential bed

The nicest thing about a Presidential Suite is the extra large king-size bed. Checking its sitting comfort are Tatyanna and Brooks Banks, of Living City fame.

View from the top

View from the Hiltop presidential suite

I could not resist taking this picture from high above the MECCA. By day we travel down below in labyrinths of architecture and of the mind. Of course, the easiest way to solve a labyrinth is to look at it from above.

WotC crew cuts loose

WotC staff partying

Employees of Wizards are a happy bunch. They have a lot to be happy about and hugs are far from uncommon.

Peter and Melissa

Peter Adkison and Melissa

Peter Adkison, founder of Wizards of the Coast, is a legend in our gaming industry. Back when WotC published The Primal Order, TSR could have destroyed WotC. I guess he has a lot to laugh about. Melissa parties with Peter on top of the gaming world.

Tom, Robin, Brooks

Tom, Brooks, Robin

Tom Ko is the head of the RPGA, the WotC gaming club. With him is Brooks, the Southern U.S.A. gentleman that was charming all the ladies. Of course, Brooks has only eyes for Robin, but who can blame him?



It might seem appropriate to see a card magician at a Wizards party. But, is he just a prestidigitator or does he know true Hermetic secrets? He did not say, though I suspect the pestle and mortar in his pocket would tell an interesting story...

Melissa and Peter reprise


There is one happy woman and one happy man. 'Nuff said...

Tatyanna and Drew

TW and Drew

Drew Wormington is the Internet specialist for TNC TV, a web based collectibles dealer. In addition, they host talk-shows at conventions that are then webcast. Tatyanna you all know by now... :)

Jerome Blake, Tatyanna, and Drew

Jerome Blake, TW, and Drew

Living in Los Angeles, I see movie actors rather frequently. However, few have been as charismatic as Jerome Blake. Throw in the goob factor - Jerome played 7 different roles in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - and you have the ingredients for a good Chimera mini-interview. Jerome played Rune Haako, Mas Amedda, Oppo Rancisis, Horox Ryyder, Orn Free Taa, Graxol Kelvyyn, and a Trade Federation Delegate. Drew and Tatyanna were hanging out with Jerome when I caught them in this shot.

Jerome Blake and Dennis

Jerome Blakeand Dennis

Jerome Blake using a Jedi mind trick on Dennis Barger of Men in Black Collectables. Now he'll get better terms from the suave collectables dude.

Jerome and Robert

Jerome and Robert

Jerome is interpreting Steve McQueen and I am doing my Peter Lorre from an old Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode.