Gen Con 2000: Safehouse

Reported by Robert Posada

Friday 11 August 2000: At the Safehouse

The Safehouse is the premier hangout for adult gamers during Gen Con. Themed after the spy movies, books, and television shows of the Cold War, the Safehouse provides the secretive, fun place all gamers crave.

The Goth

Safehouse Goth

This young lady agreed to pose for Chimera magazine if we put a link to her Goth shop site. She asked not to be otherwise identified. We dared not ask why...

Safehouse Jail

The Safehouse Jail

Tatyanna and Neal were put at the Safehouse Jail for unspeakable crimes. Or were they crimes spoken in Russian? Conveniently, the Safehouse has their URL visible for the picture.

Tatyanna and Tom Nolan

Tatyanna and Tom Nolan

Tatyanna and Tom Nolan, a big honcho at the RPGA's Living City, in charge of the Navy activities. Tom's ubermensh PC, Quincy Blackmantle, was wished back to life by Elminster himself (Ed Greenwood) at the LC LARP earlier that evening. Can you see he's happy?

Benjy, Neal, and Tatyanna

Benjy, Neal, Tatyanna

The Safehouse is a great place for conducting clandestine game industry meetings. Game artist Benjamin "Benjy" Wright and Neal "Fat Messiah" Sofge enjoy a laugh with Russian agent Tatyanna, taking advantage of the darkness. Benjy can be contacted via email at



Tatyanna setting her big blue eyes on her next victim. She's been called the Mata Hari of Gen Con by some, who have since disappeared.

Say No More


I have shown too much. Figure it out yourself. My life is now forfeit...