Gen Con 2000: Safehouse Again

Reported by Robert Posada

Saturday 12 August 2000: Back at the Safehouse

We have more pictures, this time from Saturday. It's Neal's (from Fat Messiah Games) farewell to the freedom of bachelorhood and a welcome to the bliss of eternal marriage.

Dennis Hails to the Chief

Dennis Hail

Dennis gets his Hail to the Chief, a Safehouse special. He is being raised from a secret trapdoor beneath the Safehouse, and then made to drink a power drink.

Dennis and Model

Dennis and Model

Dennis would fit quite well in Hollywood. Here he is, almost ignoring the beautiful model thatÌs trying to get his attention.



Josh the Schmoozer on the right, soon to be a rich and powerful individual. We called him "the red shirt" because of his WotC uniform.

Marcelo and Melissa

Marcelo Melissa

Marcelo and Melissa (remember the WotC party last night?) Gen Con just makes you smile...

Marcelo and Neal

Marcelo Neal

Game designers Marcelo Figueroa, of AEG's 7th Sea fame and Neal Sofge of Fat Messiah Games discuss fine design points, such as why Neal is not allowed to pay for any drinks tonight.

Mission: Impossible

Mission Impossible

Good evening, Mr. Sofge. A secret detailed map of NATO's missile defense system was recently prepared on two overlays, neither of which is complete without the other. We have a non-drunken team on that...

Neal and I about to perform a Mission: Impossible. We don't know what's in the drinks, but Goldeneyes are supposed to be the main ingredients. We hope it's not some sort of Chimera...

Neal Borracho

Neal Bombed

Our mission was successful: to get the Fat Messiah himself drunk. Since change must come from within, we changed his withins from blood to alcohol.