Gen Con 2000: Strange Encounters

Reported by Robert Posada

Saturday 12 August 2000: At Gen Con

I woke up at noon. The partying last night left me exhausted. All we can get for brunch is doughnuts and burgers.

Then it was back to the exhibitor hall. On our way there, Tatyanna and I hook up again with Josh, the schmoozy red shirt from last night's party. He works for Wizards as the information guy.

I told Jerome Blake that I'd meet him at the Exhibitors Hall today. Unfortunately, we get there too late and miss him. Eventually I do get to do a micro interview with him on video. The trancript and some captures are coming soon.

The costumes for Science Fiction Saturday were once again stunning. We missed getting full shots but we have a decent sample, which we added to Friday's photos for the report below.


It seems every con now has more and more weapons for sale. They vary in quality, though, so beware. There are also a lot of weapons licensed from TV shows and movies, like Xena and Highlander.

In addition, there are nifty looking but impractical weapons. That is, you'd get killed if you tried to use them in real life. But they look cool for costumes.

Today's Events

Tatyanna has been exhausted by the con and the parties. Tonight is the largest one: in addition to Neal Sofge's "bachelor party", there is rumoured to be a bachelorette party as well as many others. We'll see:

Gen Con is always full of people in very nice game-themed costumes.
A return to the Safehouse, to bid good bye to Neal's Bachelorhood.