Gen Con 2001 Day 2: Friday

Reported by Robert Posada

"We'll have no Cupid hoodwink'd with a scarf,"

Navy Tom

Tom Nolan leads the Raven's Bluff Navy.

Robert Wiese

Robert Wiese of the RPGA smirks for the Chimera Magazine photographer.

Sarah Arabian

Beautiful Sarah J. Bruner as an enchanting Arabian Princess.


The Arena, where most RPG events take place.

Card Sharks

Card Sharks Runi Goyal, Ann Coyne, and Thea Zeak of, a Magic: The Gathering trading site.

Klingon Jail

K'trean the Klingon (Terri Marik), Jeremiah the knight (Jeremy Burns), and prisoner Andy Hopp at the Klingon-operated charity Jail for Bail.

Robert drained

Firestorm models Flavia and Karen from Third World Games.

Mike Pondsmith

Mike Freaking Pondsmith of R. Talsorian Games.

Mike has created, among others, Cyberpunk, Mekton, Castle Falkenstein, CyberGeneration, and Fuzion.


Sam Lemieux as Cailet the Druid.

Synister Sarah

Sarah (a.k.a. Ms. Enigma) from Synister Creative Systems.

(That's Ross's back with the gamer conundrum on it.)

Safehouse secret

A close up of the lovely Ms Enigma. See her in The Last Exodus