Gen Con 2001 Night 2: Living City Interactive

Reported by Robert Posada

"Thou know'st the mask of night is on my face"

The Living City Interactive: A Game of Masks

Daniel Perez

Daniel Perez, Viceroy of Miami and Puerto Rico

Courtney and Jeannie Deasy

Courtney L Garis and Jeannie Deasy, the Vicereine of North Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

Karen Staton

The comely Karen Staton from Washington state stands in front of the Bards Guild.

Rhonda Hutcheson

Vicereine of Nevada and Northern California Rhonda Hutcheson, a proficient singer and performer.

Sarah Vizier

Enchanting Sarah Bruner, Vizier of Ohio.

Kariana mask

Sarah as Kariana, wearing a different mask lent by Simon Giovanni.

Sarah and Rhonda

Sarah and Rhonda outside the Bards Guild.

Daniel, Stephanie, and Courtney

Daniel Perez, Stephanie Zuiderweg, and Courtney L Garis.

Wiese unmasked

Robert Wiese takes his mask off during a rest from Bardic training.

Mark Templeton

Gallant Sinclair Jerome as Lord Manymirrors. Played by mark templeton (that's right, no capital letters), Viceroy of Ottawa.

Rich Marflak

Rich Marflak, Viceroy of West New York and North Pennsylvania holds his Disenchanter staff while taking a short break from Lord Manymirrors' Game.

Roland Korn

Mysterious Roland Korn, Viceroy of Toronto, hints at things unknown.

Bards unmasked

The Bards Guild unmasked: Stephanie, Karen, and Courtney.