Gen Con 2001 Day 3: Saturday

Reported by Robert Posada

"I would adventure for such merchandise."

Nieve Gata

Alexia Natkin as cat girl "Nieve Gata."

Dragon Ball Z

Getting ready for the Dragon Ball Z CCG tournament.


Kevin Smith, who has come to show off his card-based homebrewed car racing game, plays introductory Insecta with FMG's Neal Sofge.

Alien Miniatures

A game of Alien Miniatures scaled for 12" action figures.


Anime girl Julz of Cheapass Games, who beat the snot out of me in both Brawl and Catfight.

This humiliation came complete with victory sounds, which we'll post here if we ever get them off Neal's Newton.


John P. Cataldo demoes Catfight in his role of Cheapass Games "Iron Monkey", but in real life supports Sanctum as part of Nioga.

In a solid hour of trying, Neal never managed to beat him.

WizO Sapphile

Blue-haired WizO Sapphire.

First D&D Game

First time D&D 3e players, using PC's from the Player's Handbook.

LC Feature Winner

Corina Ayers receives her winner's certificate for the D&D Living City Feature.

Kim Mohan, Pamela Mohan, Tom Wham

Kim Mohan (left), Pamela Mohan (right), and Tom Wham (center back).

Mohan, former editor of Dragon Magazine, is now doing RPG R&D for WotC.

One of Chimera's favorite game designers, Wham designed Awful Green Things From Outer Space (a comical aliens-on-a-spaceship pseudo-wargame) and Search for the Emperor's Treasure (a D&D-like adventure boardgame).

Storm Troopers

Imperial Stormtroopers TK118 and TK826.

Game Marshalling

Gamers eagerly waiting to be marshalled into their next RPG.


Dennis is baaaack...


Mike Roter, former Talsorian Benjy, and Jeff "I'm not Schumann" Hexter.

(I've been mistaking Jeff for former Talsorian Mark Schumann at the last five Gen Cons, even though there's absolutely no resemblance. Maybe I'll get it right next year...)