Gen Con 2001 Day 4: Sunday

Reported by Robert Posada

"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;"

TW at Maxie's

A thoughtful Tatyanna at Maxie's, the diner by our hotel.


Live-action D&D Clue using Redgar and other characters from the Player's Handbook.

Video Games

The video game area is always busy, even on Sunday at noon.

Cute and Fuzzy

Jeff Mackintosh of Guardians of Order shows off "Cute and Fuzzy Seizure Monsters", the Toys R Us version, and "Cute and Fuzzy Cockfighting Seizure Monsters", the hobby shop version.

Other than the covers, they're the same product, an expansion for the beautiful anime RPG Big Eyes, Small Mouth.

Monster Maze

Master Maze still has the best, most affordable 3D dungeon sets, and they come pre-painted. We wonder how they can make such beautiful art so affordable...

Vandorian Phlanx

Vandorian Phlanx, an expandable game where you attempt to flank your opponent. The boards are modular and snap together. The makers, Aldebaran Imports, are recruiting gaming clubs and retailers to hold tournaments. Visit their website for more info.


TW at the Lego Bionicle booth. Our own tiny industry has scooped the larger media outlets and will get Bionicle card games first. You can look for Bionicles in a McDonalds promotion coming in September.

Faerie Meat

Faerie Meat from Kenzer & Co., a miniatures game pitting cute but blood-crazed faeries against each other in a cannibalistic orgy of destruction.

KODT Doodles

Giant Knights of the Dinner Table (and other doodles).

Rick Loomis

Rick Loomis, President of GAMA and head of of Flying Buffalo, one of the oldest game companies around. Rick has been a GAMA stalwart, increasing their membership and quality during his reign.

War Gods

War Gods of Aegyptus.


Tenjo, a new Samurai board game. It retails for $50 (going to $60 soon), takes 3-8 hours to play (according to the designers) but apparently there is a way to end it at any time!

Tenjo Board

They say it's nothing like Shogun in play style -- only in the trappings.


V'hil of the Uruk-Hai at the Edhellen Armoury booth. Check out their Tolkienesque live-action mass combat Dagorhir Battle Games.


Rein•Hagen's Atom0ton, an attempt to merge action figures and collectible gaming.

More Atom0ton

A Z-G Interaction Figure from Atom0ton. Neal says his 1981 self would have thought this was really cool.


Jason Marin and Marie del Rio premiered Dawnfire at Gen Con. Jason reports great interest in the game and lots of sales at the show.

Avalanche Press

John Morris, Marcelo Figueroa, and Doug McNair of Avalanche Press.

Neal's looking forward to playing Imperium: Third Millenium, a remake of one of his favorite GDW classics, while the rest of the hobby snaps up Avalanche's historical d20 books.

Storm Troopers

RPGA personalities Barbara and Dan Donelly on our flight to Atlanta. The lucky couple lives there, and so they were blissfully spared our endlessly long journey back to Los Angeles.