Gen Con 2001 Day 1: Thursday

Reported by Robert Posada

"By whose direction found'st thou out this place?"

Neal startled

Neal Sofge startled by gamer weirdness.

Gold Rush

Mark Arsenault and C from Gold Rush Games, along with Fat Messiah body model Ross Winn.


C with Revised Edition Sengoku: Chanbara Roleplaying in Feudal Japan.

Team Frog

Paul Lidberg, Mike Smith, Dak Perkins, and Lindse-Bard of Team Frog.

MtG: Apocalypse

Tatyanna in front Of WotC's ad for Magic: The Gathering: Apocalypse.


RakGraphics's Robert A. Kraus and Bryan Delorso. Their game Dragon War is a card / board game combo. The pieces stick electrostatically onto the card, which doubles as the board.

Skeleton Key

Tom Lampert and Edward Bourelle of Skeleton Key, makers of magnetic erasable mats.

Cheap Food

TW says "That sign is for me!"

Jae Walker

Jae Walker, of RPGA ond CARP Fame, playing Faerie Meat. "It's a Faerie eat Faerie world", she says.

Hotel Staff

Tanja Ley and Kevin Cerda, our very helpful and friendly hotel staff.