Gen Con 2001 Night 1: After Hours

Reported by Robert Posada

"Alack, there lies more peril in thine eye"

Safe House Atmosphere

Atmosphere shot from the Safe House, traditional post-dealer-room hangout.

Ross sandbags

Stoic Ross safely behind the sandbags at the Safe House.

Safe House secret

The secret is out again!

Safe House Interrogation

The soul-piercing screams behind this door chilled our bones, even in the hellish furnace known as summertime Milwaukee.

Velvet Team Chimera

Hanging out at Velvet, waiting for Team Talsorian to appear.

Jim Pinto

Back again at the Safe House we run into AEG's Jim Pinto, who succinctly expresses himself as is his custom.

Marcelo Figueroa

Marcelo of Avalanche Press as a beat up Hong Kong action figure.

Robert drained

After much dancing in a superheated Safe House, with 90%+ humidity, Robert is dehydrated, sweaty, and exhausted.

And loving it!