Gen Con 2002: Tatyanna's Report

Reported by Tatyanna Wilkinson

To pre reg or not to pre-reg. That is the question.

Although seasoned Gen Con-ers already know this: PREGEGISTER FOR EVENTS FOLKS! I went online in April to buy my badge and pre-register for every Cthulu RPG I could find (Chaosium or otherwise). Result: Full, full and more full events. Boo! Hiss!

Registration desk

Trying my luck with generic tickets, I ran up to an ticket booth with no line and bought $16 worth ($10 too many). I had come to Milwaukee for the last time, to play, and that is what I was determined to do. Man was I happy when I got the event book on site and saw that about a dozen games had been added. Yay!

However, when I arrived to beg my way in, they were ALL full. Attempting to get into three games, I was successful on each try. To my surprise each GM had cushioned their games with 'extra' PC's to accommodate dolts like me who didn't register the first day of event pre-registration online. And to that I must say, Hazzah!

Having played the highest number of RPG's I could cram into my Gen Con schedule, I realized that there is a limit to how much gaming I will get in at this Con. I have friends who I only see at this Con and then there are the *ahem* extracurricular activities. Such as...


Dancing gamers

Neal and Elisa boogie the night away at The Safehouse.

Line dancing gamers

What the? Gamers line dancing? Bwahahaha

Gamer toasting at bar


John Lang toasting to his last Safehouse hangover.

Goofy Robert

You can always tell when Robert has had a fun night.

Rumor has it that Chimera Magazine's illustrious publisher has a 'glandular problem'.


Video interview

Docu-Geeks Jason Siadek and Aaron interview Gary Gygax, co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons.

Table with artwork


D and D 3rd Ed. Original book sculptures and their proud, and talented sculptor.

Man with horns holding book

EABA (the End All Be All RPG), published by BTRC. The person in the picture is Greg Porter, designer and publisher.

Note: try to avert your eyes from the copy of Ebola Monkey Hunt 3 in the background.

Gamer festooned with gear

Robert in the hotel elevator, ready to start a harried day of reporting.


Industry people talking

Goobing geeks who have achieved a higher status.

Men in lingerie

UFO's -- "unidentified flashing objects" AKA "Fredists!"

(Your guess is as good as mine folks.)

After the Con

Tatyanna at restaurant

Official Beef Taster at Rock Bottom Brewery.

Tatyanna on modern sculpture of giraffe

I know that I will miss a lot of things about being in Milwaukee in coming years at Gen Con, but one stop on the way home helped this trip end in an ideal way.

Uno menu

The ORIGINAL Chicago Pizzeria Uno.

Robert in front of Capone photo

Robert and Al Capone.

Subway station

15 "T" stops later. Getting there was half the fun!

So long Milwaukee! See ya Safehouse! Until next year friends...