I-CON 2001: Stony Brook, NY

Reported by Neal Sofge, Fat Messiah Games and Robert Posada, Chimera Magazine

I-CON is not primarily a game con, but a classic-mode science fiction convention with multiple tracks and a lot of media guests. Various Chimera staffers have been going to I-CON off and on since 1997, but this is the first time we spent the majority of our time in the gaming track area.

The Gaming Area

Erin Gray teaching Tai Chi

Erin Gray (best known for her role as Wilma Deering in the Buck Rogers TV series) teaching a Tai Chi class about 4 meters from the FMG table

Games area wide shot

Long view of the games area, held in the college gym with sound-amplifying floors and walls. Not as deafening as the Strategicon miniatures room or the boardgames zone at Gen Con but pretty loud nonetheless.

Erin Gray teaching Tai Chi, part 2

Erin Gray's Tai Chi class from a different angle.

Tom Nolan

Tom Nolan (remember him from Gen Con?) handling the LC Navy for WotC's RPGA

Game area

Another view of the gaming area,

FMG Events

Hard Vacuum

Chris, John, & Darren carefully study the Hard Vacuum layout.

Insecta: Trilobite

Tim and Anthony pause their struggle for survival in the ancient Cambrian ocean to take advantage of this photo op.

Mesozoic battle

Eugene, a spectator I don't know, Tim and Anthony prepare to take on the Mesozoic seas.

Hard SF Panel

Sci Fi panel

You can't play games all day. Here we have Starfire designer David Weber, Yoji Kondo, Hal Clement, and panel moderator Paul Levison discussing hard SF.

Sci Fi panel 2

Same as last, but Artemis bad boy and media conspiracy believer Ian Strock is on the end.

Yoji Kondo

Close-up of hard SF writer Yoji Kondo