I-CON 2001, continued

Reported by Neal Sofge, Fat Messiah Games and Robert Posada, Chimera Magazine

Wandering Around

Dealer Room

While the dealer room doesn't match the vastness of Gen Con or Origins, it's a close third.

Belly Dancing

This is the Belly Dancing panel. And you thought conventions were just about games...


For those who can bear the full brunt of the Long Island weather, this pavillion outside the Physics building serves the same overpriced hot dogs & hamburgers available in the Sports Center, but with live medieval-style entertainment provided by the local SCA.

Info Desk

The always helpful info desk demonstrates the pro-am nature of the show, which helps explain why we like it so much.

Back to Gaming

Game area

The game area is somewhat subdued on Sunday morning.


Gibson, Anthony, and Tim look on as the Super Genius goes over the special rules for the Temple of Athena Shapeshifters scenario.

More Shapeshifters

Tim engages Chris in an evenly-matched beatdown as the big 7-player Shapeshifters tournament finale heats up.

They even convinced me to play. Predictably, I was the first casualty. Even more predictably, I was in the lake when I left this mortal coil.

Shapeshifters 2

Darren, John, & Chris decide what to turn into next, in a scene eerily reminiscent of yesterday's Hard Vacuum game.


A triumphant Darren displays his prize, hard-fought but worth it. The kids (Tim, Anthony and Gibson) were particularly cool about letting me ignore the results of their two Athena games in order to make the final battle winner-take-all; thanks, guys.