I-CON 29: Friday 26 March 2010

Reported by Robert Posada

Welcome to Stony Brook

Entrance to Stony Brook

We're at I-CON once again, for number 29. This is the much awaited return to the SUNY at Stony Brook campus. Last year’s temporary retreat (to three separate off-campus sites) reminded us how convenient it is to have all panels within short walking distance of each other. No more missing the first 15 minutes of something because we had to drive from another location miles away.

Speaking of driving, it took six hours to get to I-CON this year, a comparable time to flying from California! There was bad weather coming in, plus the usual traffic delays. Then we encountered rush hour traffic in Long Island — surprisingly early, since it was around 4pm.


Entrance to Stony Brook

We got our tickets when they went on sale at the con website. The discount made paying ahead of time worth it. However, in the past we have felt that the pre-registration line tended to be longer and less effective than the on-site line.

Since it was very cold and windy, and the line had stretched outside, we began to worry that our previous experiences would be repeated. But they quickly called for our initials, then moved us towards the front and inside.

Friday Photos

We were so tired from the drive that we only took a couple of shots on Friday night.


Grimmjow Jeagerjaques (Grimjaw) from Bleach


Cosplayers — could one of our readers tell me the names of these characters?