I-CON 29: Sunday

Panel: Computers and Network Security Best Practices

Last run through the dealers’ room

Dealers room

The dealers room is still very big, and rare items can be found.


For example, this Chimera, which is now part of the magazine’s collection.


One might even find games.

Costumes are best

But the costumes are the best


Some costumes are very eye catching

Panels: How To Illustrate The Written Word

James Emmet

James Emmet, illustrator of Ex Occultus



We did not cover much gaming at this show. Miniatures games were still running in the late afternoon on Sunday.

Card gamers

And there is the usual crowd of card gamers, though there were some boardgamers too.

borrow or rent games

One great thing about conventions like I-CON is that if you did not bring your own games, you can borrow or rent games from the convention.


Javits Lecture Center

We always aim to have a shot of the temple to Great Cthulhu known as Javits Lecture Center.

Forbidding portal

This portal was not here last time. Its proximity to the temple bodes ill.

Stony Brook map

And so we bid good bye to Stony Brook and I-CON. We look forward to the next show.