OrcCon 2002: Los Angeles, CA

Reported by Robert Posada

Strategicon's OrcCon game convention runs in February, over the President's Day holiday weekend. The Westin Century hotel plays host to the three Strategicons. They form the largest game convention in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Our new staff photographer, Abby, went all out getting convention pictures. Any bad pics were taken by me, the rest by her.

Report Sections

The miniatures room holds various miniatures games, including Warhammer 40K, civil war, space, naval, and weird things like Insecta's Mega Board.
Traditional games like Axis and Allies, new games such as American Megafauna
Card Games
AEG dominates the show with their Legend of the Five Rings, as well as Warlords.
Dealers room
All gaming products and accessories, as well as related items like armor and swords.
This and that
Pictures that don't exactly fit the above categories.

Quote of the con

"Steve Jackson sure goes all out!"

Said in admiration when refering to FMG's Hard Vacuum. The speaker thought HV was an SJG product. Come to think of it, Neal nowadays does look a little like Steve Jackson.