OrcCon 2002: Miniatures

The miniatures room takes up the largest space at the Strategicons.

Warhammer 40K

Warhammer 40,000 from Games Workshop

Jason Silz 40K

Jason Silz plots the urban conflict in WH 40K

Wider 40K

A wider shot of the 40K game

More 40K

Yet another Warhammer 40K tournament

More 40K part 2

Same tourney, different angle

More 40K part 3

Jonathan Loh pits his armies in deadly Warhammer 40K combat

More 40K part 4

Donald Grounds (pictured) faces off against Jonathan Loh in a tense Warhammer 40K game.

WH 40K

Jonathan Loh (yellow and black shirt) proves a worthy adversary to Donald Grounds.

WH 40K

A large scale Warhammer 40K tournament.

D&D Castle

This castle for use in the Dungeons and Dragons game took 7 months to make. It was designed and built by Martin Votruba, West McChan, andDavid Avvizu.

D&D Castle reprise

A second shot of the castle for Dungeons and Dragons.

Castle sale

A castle set on sale for fantasy miniatures or perhaps RPGs.

The Painting Service

James "Tony" Bell of The Painting Service won the Games Tournament for "Best Appearance for Space Marines Land Raider"

Painting service

The Painting Service.

Giant robot

A giant armored unit for Warhammer 40K

More giant armor

A close-up shot of the giant.