OrcCon 2002: This and That

Neal sets up Mac games

Neal Sofge setting up the Macintosh Quadra 605 he donated to the video game room.

Photographer Abby

Abby poses before leaving the convention. That's her first gaming figurine in her hand.


Marcelo must always appear in the Chimera Magazine convention report, even if he is far away, in the dark.

Westin view

The view from the Westin hotel at night.

The Artifact

The Artifact is Phil Eklund's weird quadruple-blind hybrid boardgame/RPG. It is an expansion (or, in more modern terms, a full mod) for FMG's Last Frontier.

Artifact players

The players for The Artifact: Trevor Foucher (alien mind-controller), C. J. Pommier (evil and mean Mad Scientist), Phil Eklund (game master), and Tim Fischer (the Space Pirates).

Strategy note: Nagging the mad scientist to let you leave the space station just does not work. I played the role of "The Phone Company". Want some free roaming minutes?

Eric Lane

Eric Lane, of Flying Buffalo, Inc., at Dinah's, our new after-convention hangout. He's ordering the "all you can eat chicken".

Not "all you care to eat." All you can eat.

Neal getting food

Neal in his usual happy-go-lucky look.

Farewell to the show

Robert, Neal, and Eric pose before Eric's long trip to Northern California.