Reported by Robert Posada, Illuminati Liaison.

`You will observe the Rules of Battle, of course?'

What the hell is this?

Before we could get to our game of Battlestations, Neal was accosted by someone pushing a chemistry game, of all things. He was pretty excited by the concept, but the actual game play left him with this annoyed, beffudled expression.

3D Battlestations modules

Before talking about the Battlestations game, I want to point out two cool things from the dealers room.

The first, pictured here, is the 3D Battlestations modules. Assembly (and painting) is required, but the end result is seriously impressive.

Magnetic adapters

The second is some amazing Ninja Magic spaceship miniatures (this one with an amazing paint job to match). Check out the detail and color.

`I wonder, now, what the Rules of Battle are,'

 Battlestations banner

Gorilla Games' Jeff Siadek, who designed Battlestations, invited us to play after dinner.

new Battlestations players

It was the newbies versus the veterans. Living Battlestations is an ongoing, worldwide roleplaying/combat campaign. Characters play in face to face games and get to advance their characters to play with/against other players in the campaign.

Neal agreed to captain a ship full of recruits straight from the academy. They selected their characters, then I batted clean-up (science officer, of course).

new Battlestations modules

Here we're setting up our ship using the new cool 3D modules available in the dealers' room. While I like the standard flat boards, with the great artwork, the tactile and visual experience of a solid module makes the game even more enjoyable.

veteran Battlestations players

Little did we know that the opposing ship (led by Jeff, on the far side of the screen) was full of veterans, averaging rank 3 our newbie 1. Not only that, there were more of them. And they had two, count 'em, two freakin' pilots!

our Battlestations team

The special Player vs. Player rules accounted for the disparity in rank and number of players by supplying us with an extra pool of luck. While we "wasted" it at first to boost individual actions, we quickly discovered a more efficient way -- banking it to save people's bacon when their own luck ran out. The game came down to a photo finish, even though the Siadek team was leading by a wide margin throughout. We burned our last luck point to just barely beat them, by the slimmest possible margin.

In all, an exciting game. And, of course, it's fun beating Jeff. He takes it so well... :)

See you next con!

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That's it for this convention report. See you at Gen Con Indy, in Indianapolis, Indiana. It will be my first time at the "new" location, far from my beloved Milwaukee.