PolyCon 2001: San Luis Obispo, CA

Reported by Robert Posada

Image 45

Model for the chainmail construction workshop. :)

Image 2

The entrance to California Polytechnic Institute, host of PolyCon.

Image 3

The dormitory building where PolyCon is held.

Image 4

Hard core gamers waiting for the next round.

Image 5

Soft-core gamers enjoying the sun. :)

Image 6

Yes, gamers are very fashion conscious.

Image 7

A game of Fluxx about to begin.

Image 9

A large game of RoboRally (including expansion).

Image 10

The traditional lunchtime cookout...

Image 12

...and the long line for this popular event.

Image 13

Julian about to get whacked in the padded weapons game.

Image 14

Julian swings, but misses...

Image 15

Chubby Chimera publisher shows off Insecta, Second Edition.

Image 16

Mutant bug game in progress.

Image 17

Yes, that is a monolith. This year's theme was 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Image 18

Another monolith.

Image 19

Travel to PolyCon and learn figure painting.

Image 20

The traditional Claymania game.

Image 21

Tatyanna shows off her Claymania monster: its long, pink... hey, wait a second!

Image 23

Barbarians at the gates! And they have padded weapons!

Image 24

The padded weapons game starts. Notice the shields.

Image 25

Circus Imperium about to begin. The boys on the bend are warming up...

Image 26

A good game of Circus Imperium needs lots of caffeine.

Image 27

Preparing for the infamously boistrous PolyCon Auction.

Image 29

Another tradition: auctioning the last Jolt Cola of the con, which is consumed immediately.

Image 31

Neal pushes his donated products at the auction. This here's a copy of Battlecars, from back when Games Workshop did games other than Warhammer.

Image 33

Just about anything can be auctioned, including larger-than-life birds.

Image 37

The lucky winner of Chimera's donation: an issue of Playboy with WWF superstar Sable.

Image 38

Did we say anything? Yes! Even balloon hats!

Image 39

Another tradition: the last item in the auction is the worlds ugliest painting, signed by the entire convention staff.