Real-World Halo Spy Takes Down Clan
Turncoat staff member booted all peons and members from the KSI Krime Syn Halo group.
Ten Wings
More popularly known as "The Ten Points," this is an ancient classic of game design. We're happy to make available the rare 1957 translation from W.E.C. Meadows (Oxford).
Cyberpunk v3.0 Sneak Preview
Our exclusive from Gen Con 2001. Roving reporter Neal Sofge brings us the scoop on the upcoming Cyberpunk v3.0 from R. Talsorian Games.

Regular Columns

Back when Chimera was a print publication, we started several regular columns about gaming as a hobby, rather than any particular sort of game. They're listed below, and we'll add archived material for them as we're able.

The Grumpy Old Gamer
The old man complains about how easy gamers have it today while offering kernels of wisdom.
Ya Cheap Bastard
Tips on how to keep down gaming expenses while maximizing purchases and fun.
Hacking the System
Discussion of rules flaws and how to exploit and/or fix them, depending on which side of the table you're sitting on.