Real-World Halo Spy Takes Down Clan

KSI Krime Syn Gets Hit

Jonathan Torres

Jonathan T. (pictured here) broke the story to Chimera Magazine. He is a Second Lieutenant with the gametags KSI Nightwing 91 and Robin 014

In the spring of 2007, a turncoat staff member booted all peons and members from the KSI Krime Syn Halo group. Overlords and other staff members were saved from expulsion because the traitor staff member did not have authority to dismiss them. At least 70 were booted, with the final casualty count probably closer to 80.

The rogue staffer had been blacklisted, possibly for playing along with rival clans -- a behavior expressly forbidden by Krime Syn rules.

His gull went beyond just the "hit" on the group: He then had the nerve to go to a staff members' party and utter obscenities at them. His whereabouts are unknown.

Of the 70 that were booted, only 5 returned. So, KSI Krime Syn went into a recruiting drive. As of two days later they have 28, a mixture of both veterans and newbies.

Halo creation

About Halo Clans

KSI Structure

Many clans are sponsored by real-world companies, much like auto racing or world cup teams. Tournaments are held within clans to determine the best four players, which then represent the clan at tournaments against other sponsored clans. Prizes are real-world as well, such as a year's subscription to XBox Live. (A KSI tournament scheduled for the following Saturday was cancelled due to the hit.)

In Halo, ranks are derived from your Slayer level. At level 30+, the rank is called Legit. There are no in-game benefits for levels, only clan rank. Getting killed drains a level from your character; every time you complete a game against others players, you gain a level.

Typical ranks at a clan, from lowest to highest:

Full corporate is attained by getting members in your clan. This lets you have "KSI" in your character's tag. If you don't have a KSI in your tag, you get only half rank.

KSI Seven7 is the founder of the KSI clans.

Why Is This Story Here?

Normally, Chimera Magazine does not cover console games since there are plenty of good sites already doing that. This case was a little different. The team was taken down not by in-game character-to-character combat but by a traitorous player. This has been called different things by gamers, depending on context (kingmaker, spoiler, etc). It falls under the general category of metagaming: the game about the game.

Does this have further ramifications for online team gaming? How will groups cope with this threat while still trying to get as many good players as possible to join? Time will tell.

In the meantime, KSI continues with its ideals. KSI stands for Knowledge, Strength, Integrity. One bad apple deliberately betraying these ideals will not bring down the network. The treason allowed KSI to see some weaknesses in their system and take action to strengthen the group. We wish KSI the best. Visit them at